Recent Activity

  • OVBS – 07/21/24

    We had a blessed OVBS this weekend!! Want to thank our coordinators Aaron and Emily, alongside Julie and Asha Aunty for their coordination in setting this event up. Special thanks to the volunteers and teachers! Pictures are to be posted soon.

  • Special Thanks to Shibu Uncle and Emily Aunty

    Taking this post to especially thank Shibu uncle, Emily aunty, and the kids for all that they have done for the St. Thomas Orthodox in Phoenix. They were special members of our church and we will miss them greatly. We wish them all the best in their new journey!

  • Church Perunnal – 07/04/2024

    We remember and celebrate our church father St. Thomas and celebrate in this joyous occasion! Thanks to Rev. Fr. Jerry Achen for participating in this occasion with us!

  • Good Friday – 3/29/24

    Today we remember our Lord’s sacrifice for us. Let us all be mindful of the suffering that our Lord went through as we prepare for Holy Easter. Good Friday is a day of reflection and meditation. We are reflecting/meditating on what Jesus underwent that day. – Dr. Jacob Mathew

  • Hosanna – 3/24/24

  • Happy New Year – 1/1/24

    Want to wish everyone a happy new year! As we start the new year, we would love to introduce our new secretary and treasurer for the year: Secretary: Mr. Binil Starly Treasurer: Mr. Mathews Puthupally May God grant them many blessings for their servitude.

President/Vicar: Rev. Fr. Immanuel Punnoose

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