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  • MGOCSM Church Cleanup

    MGOCSM Church Cleanup

    Posting some pictures for the MGOCSM Church cleaning and meeting that took place in January. Love to thank our youth and Achen for coming in and taking care of our church! Pictures can be found here:

  • Election of New Office bearers for 2023

    Election of New Office bearers for 2023

    We are welcoming our new office bearers for the year 2023! The picture features both our old and new office bearers. We would also love to thank our previous office bearers for their hard work!

  • December Activities 2016

    List of activities for December 2016. Ecumenical Christmas celebrations The Ecumenical Christmas celebrations by Arizona Malayalee Christian Association will be held on December 10th 2016, starting at 3:30pm at the Dobson High School Auditorium Christmas Carols – The Christmas Carols for 2016 will be starting on December 11th 2016. Date and area of visit details are below: December 11 Sunday – […]

  • Food Festival on Sunday, Nov 13, 2016

    The annual food fest of our parish will be held on the 13th of November 2016 after Holy Qurbana. Please make every effort to attend the worship service on the 13th and support the food fest.  Grand  “nadan” style delicacies are on the menu. Come, fire up your test buds with variety of spicy and […]

  • October/November Activities

    List of activities for October and November 2016. Prayer Meeting Prayer meeting to be held at the residence of Mr. Saji Isaac (Mesa) on October 8th 2016, 6:30pm There will be a second prayer meeting this month, held at the residence of our Achen, Rev Fr. Shinto David (Phoenix) on October 22nd 2016, 6:30pm Parumala Perunnal – Feast […]

  • September Activities 2016

    List of activities for September 2016. OVBS 2016 OVBS for 2016 will be conducted on September 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2016 Click on link below for the OVBS flyer OVBS 2016 Flyer Cottage Prayer September 04, 2016, Sunday at 6.00pm at the residence of Mr. Joy Daniel (Gilbert). Harvest Festival and Onam Celebrations September 18, […]

  • July Activities 2016

    List of activities for July 2016. Parish Perunnal Parish perunnal was celebrated on July 9th and 10th 2016 Check back soon for pictures of the event Cottage Prayer July 23, 2016, Saturday at 6.30pm at the residence of Mr. Vineeth Abraham (Phoenix), followed by evening prayer. Half Yearly General Body – July 31, 2016 Sunday […]

  • April Activities 2016

    List of activities for April 2016. St. George Perunnal Feast of St George will be celebrated on April 23rd and April 24th 2016 His Grace Alexios Mar Eusebius (Metropolitan of Diocese of South-West America), will be the chief celebrant of Holy Qurbana during the feast. April 23rd 2016 – Evening Prayer at 6.30 PM April […]