Recent Activity

  • 2022 Onam Celebrations

    Click on link below to view pictures from our 2022 Onam Celebrations 2022 Onam Celebration Pictures

  • OVBS 2022

    A video collage of the 2022 OVBS classes Edited by: Jabin Jacob

  • Sunday School Annual Day celebrations

    See the 2022 Sunday School annual day celebration pictures below Sunday School Annual Day Pictures

  • 2022 Church Perunnal

    See link below for pictures and videos from our Perunnal celebrations Perunnal Photos and Videos

  • 2022 Father’s Day Celebrations

    Pictures from the Father’s Day celebration organized by our MGOCSM Father’s Day Celebrations

  • 2022 Mothers Day Celebrations

    Click on link below to see the Mothers day celebrations at the church Mother’s Day Celebration Pictures

President/Vicar: Rev. Fr. Immanuel Punnoose

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